<Seminary Bible Study Courses

    Study online or by mail today!

     receive Certificates/ Bachelor's

     Master's/ Doctor's Degrees

     in a short time. affordable,

     accredited and accessible       

     Pastors and Ministers and Christians     

     Go to the next level you can become, a Doctor in Divinity in theology.

     Receive your first degree within 6 months.     

     to receive free extra credit, you must have pastoral experience 

     or some Christian work experience.     

     Call our Customer Service office today and you are on your way! 

      404-484-8620 call today! 

       Email: arainbowclass@att,net

       Yes, you can achieve your goal with Rainbow Seminary                                                                                                                                                                                                               Online affordable biblical courses program

       Or study courses by mail correspondent program. 

        Or Study at your own pace and time.

       Receive accredited degrees in divinity and theology in religious education.

       Tuition for each course is $275.00

      Get Your License: And Ordained:

      You can become ordained and receive your license to preach.

       Required to take 8 courses and receive,

       Minister's License     

       Evangelist License

       Teacher's License

        Apostle's License

       Prophet's License

       Pastoral License

       Clergy's License

     Call Rainbow International office today (404) 484-8620 

     Christian Counseling:

      One can receive Christian counseling at an affordable price. only $90.00 hour               

      0r order the Christian Counseling Self Help Booklets.   

      Or order the Christian Counseling   Audio CDs!

       FREE Shipping/Handling! send money order to:

      Rainbow International

       P.O. Box 372522

       Decatur GA. 30037

       Choose one topic that you are your family or love one need help in!

       Anyone who struggles with life challengers can get professional help!

        and counseling in booklets, topic on how to get the victory over!

       *VICTORY OVER FEAR AND ANXIETY booklet, $25.99                                                         

      *ANGER MANAGEMENT booklet, $25.99                                                   

      *OVERCOME SUICIDAL TENDERCIES booklet, $25.99                                                 

      *VICTORY OVER DRUG/ALCOHOL Abuse booklet, $25.99                                                   

      *VICTORY OVER SEXUAL ADDICTION booklet, $25.99                             

     *CHILDREN BIBLE on audio software CD and book                       

       for boys and girls all ages $25.00                                                                 



      *Help kids make higher grades in Math/Reading

         Workbook for age 4-10   $25.00

     1. Marriage Counseling:

         How to have a successful marriage! on audio CD software $25.99

     2. Successful Dating Counseling: on audio CD software $25.99

          The keys and tips to successful dating:

          How to fine your soul mate!

     3.  Depression And Grief Counseling:  booklet,

           How to overcome grief! booklet $25.99

     4.  Fear and Anxiety Counseling:

           How to overcome fear! booklet, $25.99

      5. Suicide Thoughts Counseling:

           How to conquer and overcome them! booklet, $25.99

      6. Domestic Violence:

           How to overcome it! booklet $25.99

     7.  Divorce Counseling:

          How To Be Healed From A Painful

         Marriage and Divorce! booklet $25.99

     8. Drugs And Alcohol Counseling: in booklet

         How to overcome and conquer it! booklet $25.99

    9.  Abortion and healing from Depression!

          How to overcome depression! booklet $25.00

  10.  Witchcraft Overcome it

          How to defeat and overcome it! booklet $25.99

  11.  Healing:

           How to receive your healing! booklet $25.99

  12.  Work from home Businesses

           How to start a business! and work from home

          go to https: website www.

         work from home now.biz audio book CD Software $275.00

   13.  The Anointing and Holy Spirit:

            How to receive God's power!

            How to receive the Anointing!

            How to receive the Holy Spirit! book $25.99

  14.  Ministry Books

          How to become a great man

          of God in ministry!  booklet $25.95

  15.  Prosperity:

          How to defeat poverty and prosper! booklet, $25.99

  16. How to become a great man of God! book $25.99

          How to become a great woman of

          God in ministry!  book $25.99

  17. Sexual Addiction:

          How to conquer and overcome it. booklet, $25.99

  18. Persecutors

          How to prosper above them! booklet$25.99

  19. Anger Management:

         Counseling booklet $25.99

 20. Positive Thinking!

         speak over 30, positive   

         words and affirmations over

        you and all your loved ones

        and prosper daily! book $25.99

  21. Lying Feelings:

         How to overcome them all! booklet, $25.99

  22. The Antichrist:

          How to identify the Antichrists

         and false teachings! 

         How to overcome them all! booklet, $25.99

23. Devotion and prayers:

        Learn how to pray and meditate

        Daily! book $25.99

  24. Fasting and praying:

         Learn how to fast and pray

         successfully!  book, $25.99

25. Forgiveness and success!

        Learn how to forgive and

       go forward successfully! booklet $25.99

  26. Bible Study:

          Read and study the New

          Testament Epistles in 10 days! book, $25.99

  27 Humility!

         Learn how to avoid pride

        and win God's favor! booklet, $25.99

  28. The True God!

           Learn that Jesus is the only

           God, and the Messiah!  booklet $25.99

  29. Faithful Follower!

          Learn how to become a

         faithful follower and how

        to avoid backsliding! booklet $25.99

 30. Divine Revelation!

         Learn what happen to

        your love ones when

        they die and leave

        this earth!

        the after life

        experiences! book, $25.99

  31.  Prosper in Fiery

           trials! learn how to

          prosper during fiery

         trial seasons! book, $25.99

 32. Powerful Promises!

          Learn God powerful

          promise and prosper! book, $25.99

 33. The coming of Christ!

         Learn about Christ coming

        and how to be ready so

       you want be left behind.! book, $25.99



  <20- BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSES:  on audio CD software Certificate Courses special today only $275.00 

 Learn how to :  , And Manage A Business, Earn an Income Working From Home, Or Outside A Home.

Rainbow International ,  P. O. Box 372522, Decatur GA. 30037 Customer Service, (404) 484-8620   9-5 EST

Rainbow International will teach you:

1.  How to start a business!                   4.  How to manage a business!          7. How to work outside your home!

2.   How to earn an income!                  5.  How to get new clients!                 8.  How to work full or part time!

3.   How to grow a business!                 6.  How to work from home!              9.  How to market a business!

20- Business Education Courses to  Choose From:  Receive Certified Certificate Diploma after completing a course.

Audio Books, Courses On CD.  receive 12 credit a course.  Work from home or outside your home in....

 ____________________          _____________________          ____________________          ____________________          ____________________  

        Day Care                                  Health Care                               Maid Service                         Braiding Hair                         Real Estate

       Course # 10-DC                 Course #75-H C                    Course # 44-M                    Course # 93-B H                  Course # 27-R E

       work from home or            Nurse Assistant                      Housekeeping                      Hair Braiding                            work from home

       outside your home             MA, LPN, RN                             Maid                                            work from home

      ____________________       ____________________                ____________________            ____________________          ___________________    

      ____________________      ____________________                 ____________________           ____________________           ___________________

      Beautician                            Carpet Cleaning                        Computer Service              Catering Service                 Cleaning Service

      Course # 70-B T              Course # 56-C C                       Course # 48-C P                  Course # 35-F C                 Course # 25- C S

      work inside or                    work outside                                  repair  or upgrade              work inside  or                      work out side

      outside a home                  or inside a home                           or sell computers                outside home                         or inside home

      ___________________         ____________________                  ____________________            ____________________          ___________________

      Painting Service               Typing Service                              Weaving Hair                          Barber Service                    Plumber Service

       Course # 36-P A              Course # 19-T P                          Course # 14-W H                Course # 81-B S                  Course 15-PL

       Painter                                     from a computer                         work in home or                     Cutting Hair work             work inside or

       work inside or out            in home or outside                     outside home                           in home or out side            outside home

      ___________________           ____________________                  ____________________             _____________________         ___________________

      Photography                         Electrician  Service                  How To Start Any                 How To Start  A                      How To Start

       Course # 40-PS                 Course # 30 E L                          Business                                      Business                                       A Home Business

        work inside or out           work inside or outside            work inside or outside        work inside or outside       work inside or out

      ___________________           _______________________          _____________________            ______________________        ___________________

      Business Education Courses, How to start and manage a business! work at home or outside your home,

      Daycare     Cleaning     Catering     Computer     Carpet Cleaning     Beautician     Barber     Braiding Hair     Electrician

      Painting     Plumber        Maid              Nursing          Weaving Hair          Electrician     Typing      Real Estate         Photography

     Rainbow International, P O Box 372522, Decatur GA. 30037, Customer Service (404) 484-8620        9-5 EST.

     prices subject to change.  Rainbow International, copyright/revised 2017.



 12 COUNSELING COURSES:  PERSONAL COUNSELING COURSES  receive certificate for each one $275 each                 

       ____________________             _______________________           _____________________________          _________________________________                                      

       Fear and Anxiety                   Stress Management                  Pre-Marriage Counseling                Grief And Depression Counseling  

       course# 184-OF                     course # 720-S                           course # 714 B-P M C                           course # 190 - DP                                    

      _____________________             _______________________           ___________________________             ________________________________

      Domestic Violence                 Suicidal Tendencies                    Drug/ Alcohol Therapy                     Marriage Counseling    

      course # 735- D M                 course # 200- 0 S                       course # 194- O D                                course # 801- M C                          

     _____________________            _______________________              _________________________                  _______________________________  

     Anger Management             Abortion Therapy                          Sexual Addiction                                     Divorce Therapy

      course # 333-AM                 course # 35- O A                           course # 450- S A                                    course # 174 H D

      ___________________               _______________________              _________________________                   _______________________________


       copyright/revised 2017 Rainbow International, prices subject to change.



     < Business Incorporation Service          

     < Resume Service    

      Pay by: Visa Card, Master Card, Debit Card, Bank Card, Money Order, Customer Service (404) 484-8620   9-5 p. m EST    

       Rainbow International, P. O. Box 372522, Decatur GA. 30037. Email: a rainbow class @ at t. net

    ______________________             ___________________________          ______________________________       ______________________________

    Business Incorporation        Copyright Service                               Resume Service                                        Business Cards
    and Seals                                         Books/Poems                                          Affordable                                                    Service

   ______________________           ___________________________           _____________________________           ______________________________

   ______________________           ___________________________           _____________________________           ______________________________

    Employment                               Typing Companies                                 Resource Help                                          Sermons On CD                                

     Service                                           Letterheads                                               Food/Shelter/Energy                          Service

    _____________________             ___________________________           ____________________________            _______________________________

    Religious Arts                             Marketing Wholesale                        DISCOUNT                                                AFFORDABLE

    to  hang on walls                       oils/perfume course #22                  SERVICES!                                                  SERVICES!

   ____________________             ___________________________         _____________________________            _______________________________    




 Pay by: Master Cards, Visa Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Cards, Money Order:  Customer Service (404) 484-8620   9-5 p. m EST

Email: arainbowclass@a t t.net       

(Bible Study Courses)       ( Seminary Courses)       (Courses To Receive A Minister's And Clergy License)

Affordable,  Accredited,  Accessible,  Study Online,  or, On Campus,  or,  By Mail Correspondent Courses.



I wanted to receive my minister's clergy license to preach.  I tried to get license from others, and I  was turned down. I came attended Rainbow International. I am so glad. I completed the Ministers Training Courses; I am so happy now.

 I was ordained and I received the Minister's Clergy License to Pastor.        -M. Parker -Decatur, Georgia.



        I was ordained and license into the Pastoral Ministry.  Rainbow International trained and equipped me for ministry.

        Rainbow helped me to grow, and to go to the next level in the ministry.  -Dr. J.W.J.  -Georgia



       Rainbow International is a great and wonderful school to attend. I received my Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree,

        Master's, and The Doctoral Degree.  I learned a lots about God's word. A great experience.  - Dr. H. Harmon, -Georgia


          RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY DEPARTMENT: (Study Online, or On Campus, or By Mail Correspondent,

          in The Certificates, Or Degree Programs:  Receive a Certificate Diploma, or an Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree,  

           Master's Degree, Doctor's Degree in Theology, or Divinity, Choose from one of our courses below,  

             1. Business Education 2. Christian Counseling, 3. New Testament Survey 4. Old Testament Survey

              5. Deliverance Ministry, 6, Chaplain Care 7. Apostleship 8.  Evangelism, 9.  Teacher's Training

           10.  Prophetic 11. Street Worker, 12.  Children And Youth 13.  Healing And Health 14.  Intercessory Prayer Courses


            Student are required to do 12- Courses to receive a Certificate Diploma, Students are required to do 24 Courses                      

           to receive Each Degree,   Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and a Doctor's Degree.

           Rainbow is honored to offer some of the lowest prices and tuition rates to our students.

           PS. prices and tuition and programs are subject to change at any time.




          Answer the call to preach!   And receive your Minister's Clergy License to preach!  Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist,

          Teacher, Apostle:

          1.  Students are required to complete 8 - Minister's Training Courses to receive a Minister's Clergy License.

         2.  Students are required to pass a criminal background test before receiving a Minister's Clergy License.    

         3.  Students are required to pass a qualification test before receiving a Minister's Clergy License.  

         4.  Students are required to continue working toward their  Degrees and remain in the seminary after receiving License.

         5.  Students are required to continue walking faithful with Christ, after receiving there Minister's Clergy License.  

         6.  All fees are nonrefundable.  Prices are subject to change. Accredited by R.I.A.D. accreditation department.





     39-Self Help Books!  and How to Books!   and Children Books!   and Bibles Books!   that you can enjoy!

     Each book is $25.99 Shipping/handling FREE pay by Visa Cards, Master Card, Debit Card, Bank Card, Money Order,   

     Rainbow International, P. O. Box 372522, Decatur GA. 30037, Customer Service office (404) 484-8620     9-5 p.m. EST

      CHILDREN BOOKS:                                                 BOOKS ON HOW TO:                                               BOOKS ON HOW TO:                                                                                        

     *The Children Study Bible.                                  *Overcome Grief And Depression!                     *How To Be Healed From A

     *Help Kids Make Higher Grades!                  *Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Stress!                  Painful Divorce!

       Workbook for age 3 to 8                                     *Overcome Drugs and Alcohol !                           *How To Be Healed And Healthy!

     *Prayers That Children Can Say!                    *Overcome Suicidal Thoughts!                              *How To Be Healed from Abortions!

     *How To Get Discount Sunday                         *Overcome Anger and Rage!                                  *How To Defeat Poverty And Prosper!

     School Lesson and Vacation                                *Overcome Sexual Addictions!                              *How To Think and Speak Positive

     Bible School Lessons for kids!                          *Overcome Domestic Violence!                                So You Can Prosper!

     *Prayers That Adults Can Pray                         *Overcome Jealousy Feelings!                               *How To Overcome Persecutors!

      For Children!                                                               *Overcome Lying Feelings!                                       *How To Identify The Antichrist!

     *Easter Speeches And Poems                           *Overcome Backsliding Feelings!                         *How To Forgive And Move Forward!

       For Kids.!                                                                        *Overcome Pride And Prosper!                             *How To Get Victory Over Witchcraft!


     DEVOTIONAL BOOKS:                                        INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS:                                                   AUDIO BOOKS: C D' s

     *How To Pray And Meditate Daily!                 *How To Have A Successful Marriage!             *How To Overcome Grief & Depression!  

     *How To Receive God's Power                            (Audio Book                                                                   *Jesus Wants To Heal You Everywhere

        And The Anointing!                                                 *Successful Dating Tips! (Audio Book               You Hurt!

      *How To Pray  And Meditate Daily!               *How To Become a Great Man of God!         *7 Keys How To Overcome Fear & Stress!

     *How To Fast And Pray!                                          *How To Prosper in Fiery Trials!                           *How To Do Great Things!

     *How To Read The New Testament              *How To Become A Great Woman Of God!   *7 Keys How To Become Prosperous!  

        Epistles In  10 Days!                                               *How To Speak God's Promises And                   *Rise Up And Be Healed From Fear!

     *How To Know For Sure That Jesus                Prosper!                                                                                *How To Receive The Anointing!

       Is God and Messiah!                                                 *How To Receive The Holy Spirit CD               *8 - Steps To Receive The Holy Spirit!

     *How To Know And Understand What        *Is King Jesus Coming Back!  CD                           *Yes You Can Rise Up Again!

       Happen To One After They Die!                     *How To Go Through Trials & Prosper!  CD  *Studying In The Book Or Romans! CD                                                           Copyright 2017 Revised 2022 Rainbow International, P. 0. Box 372522, Decatur GA. 30037, Customer Service (404)-484-8620